Mr. Longbottom needs a new home

Neville’s favorite book is really Deathly Hallows but he appreciates Goblet of Fire too. 

I had hoped a family member would be able to take my cat, Neville Longbottom, when I leave for the Peace Corps. Unfortunately, they are not in a position to take him and Neville needs a new home. Please share this post to help me find him a new home!

I adopted Neville over a year ago from the Humane Society. He is now three years old. He is a very good cat and I am very sad that he can not stay in the family. I am hoping to find a new best friend for him that will love him and share their life with him.



He watches out the window of hours on end.


He loves chasing crinkly balls around the house and looking out the windows. He also uses scratching posts instead of couches, which is a big plus. He only uses a litter box, so no surprises will be left for you. He is very well trained in the bathroom department. He uses a top entry cat box that minimizes litter messes. He seems to be happiest if the box is cleaned every 3 or 4 days. Though, he will let you know if it needs to be cleaned through persistent meowing. He sleeps in bed with me and would prefer to in his new home. He likes the foot of the bed just fine, especially if there is a pillow for him. He eats chicken cat food from Trader Joe’s (the hard kind, not the smelly, squishy wet kind).

He sometimes sleeps with just his head on the pillow ❤

He is very timid around kids but comes out to play eventually. He does not like to be grabbed, picked up, walked by or any other sudden movements. If something happens that he doesn’t like, then he just hides under the couch for a while. He also does not like the house cleaned or stuff moved around. He shows his displeasure by meowing for a bit. I usually just take a toy out for him after I clean and he is fine.

Neville is used to being home 10-15 hours a day by himself and is okay being left alone for two nights and three days. I get someone to come by and check on him if I am going to be gone longer than that. He likes visitors after they have been in the house for a while (like 20-30 minutes). Until then, he will just stay out of sight.

Wake up to him every morning!

Neville’s ideal new home would have an adult or two to give him all the attention. His new house should not have other pets, as he prefers all the attention and has never had to share. I am not really sure where life will take me after my Peace Corps service, so is new home should be permanent. Neville will come will all his toys, scratching post, his favorite blanket, litter box, food containers, extra cat litter, and food. He is neutered and has all of his shots. He does need to go in for a check up in March that I am happy to take him to and pay for before he moves in with you. He is ready to move in as soon as you are ready for him.



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